Some Useful Bike Accessories in Perth

Unlike car drivers, bike riders are more at risk of getting run down by other road users. Also, in the absence of the right accessories, the resultant effect of any accident can be life threatening. Just like in many major cities, the streets of Perth are filled with many reckless road users who are likely to put others at risk. Buying useful bike accessories in Perth is therefore a necessity and not a luxury for all those who intend to use their bikes on motorways.

As a bike rider, there are many accessories that you could buy but it most important are those that help in increasing safety. The following are some useful bike accessories in Perth that every bike rider should own.

Safety Helmet

When a bike gets involved in an accident, the head of the rider is likely to be most affected by the impact with the other object or from contact with the ground. Given the importance of the head to the human body, it becomes necessary to be able to protect it from very hard blows. The best way to assure this when on the road with a bike is to wear a safety helmet. Don’t assume that you are a good rider and won’t get into an accident. Always wear a good helmet when on the road.

Safety Clothing

It is common to see bike riders all dressed up in safety clothing that will make them pass for some bad boys. Although some may like this bad boy look, the essences of wear this clothing is to protect against injury. Bike riders are likely to skid on the road during an accident which could result in severe bruises. However when a rider is wearing the right safety wear, any injury will be greatly reduced. That is why wearing bike accessories in Perth are legally required for all bike riders.

Reflector clothing

Bikes don’t usually have lights and may be difficult to spot at night. Wearing reflector clothing can help other road users spot bike riders at night. These can be in the form of a jacket, a trouser or shoes with reflectors on them.


Lights can be good at night and during foggy days to let other road users there’s a bike on the road. Most important is to buy lights that work well when you need it.


A good horn is a necessary accessory for a bike. Some road users are negligent and will make dangerous manoeuvres that can be dangerous to a bike rider. A loud sounding horn may be a good way to get the attention of such drivers.

There is no need to worry about where to buy bike accessories in Perth. There are many shops selling such accessories and you may even be lucky to get one in your neighborhood. Thankfully, the internet is there to help with all the information that you need. There is even possibility to buy from online stores. Always remember that the best way to enjoy a bike ride is to be totally safe.

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